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Ethernet Test Systems - IP Traffic Packet Generators / Analyzers for 10/100, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Testing Minimize

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aright.gif Ethernet Test Systems

Xtramus is a worldwide provider of high performance IP  traffic generators and Ethernet test solutions. Xtramus Ethernet test systems are used by network and telephony equipment manufacturers, service providers and larger enterprises to test, analyze and validate functionality, performance and reliability of switches, routers, networks, IP devices and applications.

  • IP traffic packet generators / analyzers for Ethernet switch, router  and gateway testing
  • Device and network Layer 2 and Layer 3 testing
  • IP packet generators for 10/100, gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet testing                      
  • IP traffic generators for Layer 2 to Layer 7
  • R&D, DVT, production and field testing options


Network Testing Tools - IP Packet Generators and Impairment Emulators - Software Minimize

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aright.gif Network Testing Tools

Test, measure, stress and control IP networks and equipment using our IP traffic generators and impairment emulators. Manage network bandwidth, view and control traffic statistics. Ideal for measurements on fixed, mobile, wireless and satellite platforms. Download free trial.

  • IP traffic generators with record and replay function - Single and Multichannel - TCP/UDP - Scripting option
  • IP traffic generators for network and IP device testing, troublesooting and certification
  • Network impairment emulators for delay, packet loss and jitter measurements
  • Measure QoS and limited bandwith


Vacuum Interrupters for Circuit Breakers, Reclosers and Switchgear Minimize

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aright.gif Vacuum Interrupters

JAEPS high quality vacuum interrupters for medium and high voltage applications provide excellent switching capabilities, highest quality, compact size and the largest voltage range of vacuum interrupters available today.

  • Vacuum interrupters for circuit breakers
  • Vacuum interrupters for switches and disconnectors
  • Vacuum interrupters for contactors
  • Vacuum interrupters rail circuit breakers
  • Vacuum interrupter for reclosers
  • Vacuum interrupters for capacitor bank switching


Vacuum Capacitors for RF Matching Networks Minimize

Meidensha Vacuum Variable Capacitos.jpg
aright.gif Vacuum Capacitors

Meidensha Meivac high quality vacuum capacitors are used in high voltage and  high current network matching circuits.Common applications include RF matching networks in semiconductor plasma deposition equipment, SW and MW broadcast transmitters, industrial heating and sealing machinery and in medical MRI apparatus. 

  • Vacuum capacitors for RF generators and matching networks in plasma deposition equipment  
  • Vacuum capacitors for  broadcast HF and UHF transmitters
  • Vacuum capacitors for antenna tuning units and couplers
  • Vacuum capacitors for RF industrial heating and sealing  generators and matching networks
  • Vacuum capacitors for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI )systems


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