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NETWORK TESTING TOOLS - IP Traffic Generators and Network Imapirment Emulators Minimize

ZTI Corporation is committed to development of the most effective and the most affordable telecom test solutions for IP, ISDN and ATM networks. Our tools are designed for qualification and performance evaluation of networks, telecommunication services and IP devices. Test, measure, configure, stress and certify LAN, WLAN, fixed, mobile wireless or satellite networks. User friendly interface allows even beginners to achieve results quickly. Download free 15 day trial. Try it before you buy it.

Major applications:

  • IP traffic generation and measurements on cellular, mobile, LAN, WLAN and satellite networks
  • Wireless network performance testing
  • Certification of fixed, mobile  and wireless IP networks
  • IP telephony testing
  • Network device testing 
  • Quality of service testing - QoS
  • Network impairmnet measurements of packet loss, delay and jitter

Choose from the following software packages: Minimize
aright.gif IP Traffic Test & Measure 

IP Traffic Generator / Receiver with record, replay and remote control. Test, measure, stress and control your network and devices. Single  and Multichannel.Download free trial.


aright.gif LANTraffic V2

IP Traffic Generator / Receiver. Ideal for IP packet generation applications on your network. Stress, test and measure your LAN, WAN or IP devices. Download free trial.


aright.gif NetDisturb

Impairment Network Emulator / Simulator for IP networks. Measure packet loss, delay, jitter and limited bandwith. Emulate real WAN conditions. User friendly interface. Download free trial.



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